How to Stop or Cancel Airtel Data plan Auto Renewal

Welcome to InfoBlog today i will share with you how you can stop airtel auto renewal and in this process we will look at all the step that need to been taken to reach the we want to go.
We all know that these days after subscribing your phone and your data got finished ,the network provider will automatically charge us and deduct money from our balance and renew the data.
this is very annoying when you have little balance that you wanted to used to make call or send SMS and the money was deducted , for me it peace me off.
So today we will looking on how we can stop this issues and safeguard our money from been deducted unwantedly and we will also show the precess below.

How To Stop Or Deactivate Airtel Auto Renewal

Airtel also has a special USSD code for deactivating data plans auto-renewal. This general code to stop any unusual deducting of credit for auto-renewal will definitely help you.

If you want to deactivate, Cancel or stop data auto-renewal on Airtel network, simply send STOP to 141 and any auto-renewal activated on your SIM, will end immediately.


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