How To Buy Airtime From Your FCMB Account To Another Number

Some times we are asked by friends and loved ones to help them by giving them airtime or send them money. A friend text me me very late in the night that he needs card to call someone that it very urgent and i cant go out side to get card because it was late , so i quickly transferred airtime to him from my bank and after that night my friend could not even explain how to thank me for saving

his ASS from that mess . Now let say i don’t know how to do such and could not help him out would he be happy as he is now ? that answer is NO.
So today i will be sharing with us how we can buy airtime from our FCMB Bank to our friends and loved ones. All you need is just follow the procedures to the end.These procedures don’t need only android phone , rather  any phone can do it. This is not mobile banking so no need to be afraid of not having Data because what u are gonna do is called USSD BANKING where with some codes you can transact with your bank.

How can I activate USSD code in Fcmb?

Dial *329*214# on your phone. You will then receive a message from FCMB displaying a list of items. The options are to activate the USSD code with a Card, Account, or Wallet. Select option two (2), which is Activate With Account

What is the code for FCMB bank?

The official FCMB code for transfer is *329#, with this code, you can make use of FCMB mobile transfer code to other banks. It serves as your FCMB transfer pin and FCMB short code. With this, you can also buy airtime and do many other tasks.

How can I check my FCMB account balance?

To Check your FCMB Account Balance.
Dial *329# on the mobile phone number you used to open your FCMB account and follow the instruction. If it doesn’t work, you then have to register the number by dialing, *329#. Hope with this, you have learnt How to check FCMB account Balance with any phone.

How can I transfer money from Fcmb to bank?

To transfer money from your FCMB account to other bank in Nigeria dial the following code *389*214#. Follow the instruction on your phone screen to complete your transaction. Dial *329*Amount*Account number# to transfer funds.

How can I activate Fcmb mobile banking?

How to activate your Account for FCMB Mobile banking. According to FCMB, this how you can activate your account for mobile banking,

  • On Your Mobile type *389*214# and dial.
  • Following Welcome Message will be displayed
  1. Activate with card
  2. Activate with account 
  3. Activate with wallet
  • Depending on the means you prefer but in this case we are choosing the option 2
  • A new message will appear and ask the customer to enter the account number to add the service to
  • A Congratulatory message will definelity appear which means you are good to
NB: Dont forget to always contact your bank prior to any issues 

What is Fcmb wallet?

The FCMB mobile banking solution is a self service, stress free and secured solution available on all GSM networks and phone types in Nigeria. It enables both new and existing customers to carry out various banking transactions on their mobile device

How To Buy Airtime From Your FCMB  Account To Another Number

If you want to buy airtime from your FCMB account to another number, just navigate to your dialer and dial *389*214*number*amount#.

For example, if you want to recharge another number with N500, just dial *389*214*09061958534*500# and the recipient number will be credited with the amount you specified.

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