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Reason Why You Spend More Time On Your Blog Daily And Earn Big

As a blogger i have discovered one problem with so many bloggers in nigeria and even from around the world,we bloggers always complain of earning that our earning are poor, Some times the cost per click (CPC) is very por that with 100 click we can’t even make $4 so if you are that category then lucky enough for you, this article is for you because after this article you will know what to do and earn big from your blog.

Talking about earning earning big let me ask you as a blogger how much time do you spend a day working on your  blog? if you can spend 5 hours posting new articles on your blog and updating outdated post then there is no reason you won’t earn $3 dollar or more a day.
So below are 5 things you can spend 5 hours doing on your blog daily and your earning will boost.

Why You Should Spend At least 5 Hours A Day On Your Blog

1.Know your social media shares

Here is a pretty good reason because in order for you to know if your blog social shares is increasing.As a matter of fact,gaining social media shares can actually increase your blog ranking and traffic.This can take up to 30 minutes or even less in order to do this.

2.View blog traffic and stats

Traffic are those views you get when people visit your blog.So for you to be able to view your traffic,you have to be blogging for about an hour trying to configure and view your traffic in order to know where it is coming from.
You could use about 1 – 2 hours doing this depending on your time schedule.

3.Check  latest comments and replies

If your blog is one which gets daily visitors and commenters,it looks like you are gonna be spending a lot of time checking your latest comments and replies on your blog so that you can be able to reply to them back.The actual truth is that your blog can never be popular if you don’t reply comments that are on your blog.This shows that your blog isn’t that active and less people will come to your blog.You could take about 2 hours doing this in order to be sure you replied all of them or the important ones.

4.Write new posts

Writing new posts will bring more people especially posts that are unique,rich in content and are of quality.Nobody will want to visit a blog that is not been regularly updated because they don’t have to read old post or post they are not interested in.So atleast every two or three days write new posts.This is a painstaking process but  you could take about 30 minutes or 1 hours doing this inorder to be make it SEO ready and unique.

5.Check Earnings

Most people or bloggers do like to check their earnings on a daily basis because they might never know when the money can come in.This doesn’t take time at all all you have to do is log into your advertising platform and check your earning.You could use 20 minutes checking your blog earnings.

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