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TOP 5 webSites to make money from come 2020.

Hey welcome to todays review on “the top site 5 websites to make money come 2020 sit back and enjoy and be ready to take action.(make money online in 2020)

Top 5 read news and get paid website where you can make some few bucks come 2020.

Without much time to waste i will be taking you straight into the main thing that brought you here, Many of us in one way or the other might have thought of making money online worry no more today because after today reviews you are definitely going to start making money online legitmately (hence you will act upon it) and without much stress you can make money without hassle.
inspite of who you are either as an unemployed,employed,youth,single mother,mother,student e.t.c truth is nobody is exempted.

so without a waste of time make a list of the top5 websites to make money from

on this post i will be writing on

  • Registration fee and how to register
  • Referral amount
  • How to Earn
  • payment system
  • minimum withdrawal
So We begin with IBTFORUM. 

IBTFORUM is a newly launched online money paying scheme they pay their members for carrying out little or no much task on their platform, IBTFORUM was launched on the 3rd of December 2019 so the truth is they aren’t closing anytime soon and also the admins of this great platform have set a long time project that will ensure each and every one of their members won’t be left regarding cash out. 

Just like anyother online earning scheme u have to pay to join IBTFORUM too,but one thing is this your one time payment is all you need to qualify you for a life time earning so long as the website still runs, and one thing I like is that the reg fee is just too affordable all you need to pay to tap into this GoLDminE of IBTFORUM is #1500 and that’s all.

During your registration You can pay using either of the online (paystack) payment or you can purchase coupon from any or the trusted distributor listed on the website to avoid falling for scam.

After registration you have to wait for some few minutes to confirm your payment and validate your account after which you can start earning.

Once your account as been approved and validated here are what you stand to earn as a member of IBTFORUM
This are what you stand to earn as a member:
You earn #100 when you click and share sponsored post to Facebook and as a member you have access to 2-5 sponsored post to share so therefore you will earn between #200-500 on a daily basis.

You will earn a whooping N1,000 for every approved post (article, news, stories) you submit to the platform.

This is the aspect that gives me joy, you will earn a huge reward when you refer a new member using you link, you will earn over 80% of your registration fee in other words you earn a massive #1,000 Referral bonus (per person you refer).


One aspect of this platform I enjoy  about is the fact they pay weekly Meaning you can withdraw your total accumulated earnings to your local bank account every Saturday of the week. You do NOT need to have Referral bonus before withdrawing your earnings.

See you at the top hence you will take action today.

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