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Glo 4G LTE And Glo APN Config setting everything You need to Know

What Is The 4G LTE All About?

Overtime probably due to the rise in content, smartphone users now make use of their mobile phone for a higher task on the internet, which have without doubt increased the need for a more faster and reliable data plans to sustain their online presence.
4G LTE is currently the fastest wireless data connection technology that exists. Why it’s different from 2G, 3G connections is just that, speed. Larger files that could take a long time downloading with 2G,or 3G can be downloaded with 4G in minutes. For example, with 4G LTE you could download a 1.4GB movie in just 5 minutes 28 seconds.

Is Glo 4g fast?

Glo 4G LTE: No. 1 in National coverage, also became the first to launch a nationwide 4G LTE network, offering instant efficient broadband internet to millions of Nigerians at speeds that are several times faster than the 3G network. The 700MHz band gives Glo 4G better coverage and penetration, Globacom explained.

What is Glo APN?

APN is what gives you access to the internet. For Glo users, you can manually configure you internet settings on your Smartphone with the steps explained below. 
Go to Settings 
> More/More Networks(for some devices) 
> Mobile Networks 
> Access Point Names.

How do I activate Glo 4g LTE?

Here is the easy step to automatically activate any Glo 4g LTE sim:
  • Swap your current SIM for a USIM.

  • Text 4G to 400
  • You’d receive an SMS to check your if phone or device supports LTE for Glo.

How do I manually activate Glo network?

If you want to manually activate glo network or finding it hard to do so then carefully Follow the steps below:
  • Go to SETTINGS. Select: More.
  • Then select MOBILE NETWORK. Select: Access Point Names.
  • Create new APN. You will see a screen similar to one displayed in image below:
  • Enter the following parameters. Name: Glo HSI. APN: gloflat. User name: flat.
  • Select new setting.
  • Restart the device.

How do I fix my Glo network problem?

If you frequently face a glo network problem then there is an easy way out as you can call the Glo call Center to help you fix that.
TheCall Centres ensure prompt and efficient attendance to and resolution of all customer issues, from information and enquiries, to requests or complaints resolution. You can reach the glo call centre by dialling 121 or 200 from your phone, or simply send an email to

Which Glo plan gives MB?

Glo BUMPA is a special tariff plan from Glo Nigeria that gives users 200% bonus on airtime recharge and Data bonus on data bundle subscriptions of NGN2,000 and above.

Which Glo plan is the best for data?

If you are huge data customer then i will recommend the Glo 2,500 Naira Data Plan as this plan give you value for your money.
To subscribe for this plan, dial *127*58# or dial *777# and choose the 2,500 Naira plan. This plan offers the best value for smartphone users because for just an extra 500 Naira, you get to enjoy extra 2.7GB data.

How can I double my data on Glo?

All they need to do is to walk into any Gloworld shop, buy a SIM, register it and choose My Phone data plan”, he said. To enjoy the data promo, a subscriber can send “55” by SMS to 127 or dial the USSD code *127*55#. Alternatively, the subscriber can log on to htpp:// to begin to enjoy the new offer.

Extra Tip On How I get 100 on Glo 1gb.

How To Activate Glo 1GB For ₦100. Simply follow the steps below: Dial the code *777# on your phone. on the dialogue message displayed on your phone, select 1.
I hope this article was helpful?

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